Top 5 Worst TV Dads


Well, I already put something out about the best dads, so of COURSE I have to put something for the worst ones, right? Actually, this is quite harder than the best ones, maybe because there are so few and far in between of "good" ones (gotta love our television society). However, I have done some scouting and believe that I have come up with a decent list of my own choosing. Again, this is modern TV shows--post 1980...Here goes...

5) Homer Simpson--sure he's lovable at times, but let's face it, the guy basically tried to gain weight to qualify for disability. Not exactly the best role model in the world, and while I won't get all high and mighty, the constant choking of Bart is obviously not a trait we fathers want to have.

4) Tony Soprano--Not that this is a surprise, the guy was a complete jerk to everyone, including his kids, including strong arming his son, smacking around his daughter's boyfriend, just to name a few. His kids will never fuhgeddaboutit.

3) Al Bundy--Sure, we all loved the shock factor when it came to Al, but he was a terrible husband and father. He was truly the first "tasteless" dad it seemed for that era.

Tie for 1st....

Drum roll please...

1) Anthony Cooper and Arthur Spooner. Cooper was the father of John Locke on Lost who basically conned his own son out of his kidney and continually made his life awful, including throwing him out of a building, which caused John to be in a wheelchair. He however met his end on the island, much to the delight of watchers. Or is he in fact gone? :) Spooner is the hapless mooch of a father from King of Queens, and his interference and selfishness constantly had Doug and Carrie on the ropes. Manipulativeness, thy name is Arthur.

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