Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts for Dads


I'm talking FOR men, not from men--specifically fathers. There are so many more things that are out there that are the typical gifts, but I am going to explore the gifts that wives can give to Dads as not only a sign of their love but also in appreciation for their love of them as a father.

5) Favorite Magazine Subscription--yes, it's not flashy, but if a man has a certain magazine that maybe he doesn't get a lot but he reads in the grocery store or bookstore on occasion, get him a year subscription. It will certainly be something that will be looked at as a special gift and it's something that isn't just a "one and done" gift.

4) MP3 Players--There isn't a man alive who doesn't like some type of music, and getting an MP3 player--iPod, Zune, you name it--will be something that again will be used over and over and a "toy for a big boy".

3) Ebay Certificate--since many Dads are frugal in nature because of the amount of money that our children eat up from time to time, getting an Ebay gift certificate/card will allow him to maybe spend a little dough on something a little cheaper than normal or even spread it out among things.

2) Video Camera--Since we are in such a digital age when it comes to anything technological, and since we are all addicted to the memorializing of our children's events--along with the fact that video cams are much more affordable, get a video camera which will again be something that lasts and be re-used over and over again.

1) Event tickets--it doesn't have to be sports, but get something that you know he loves--and it doesn't even have to be with mom or the kids--heck, it can even be with friends! Just get something that will be an event that he will remember and is special to him--WWE tickets, concert tickets, whatever!

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