Pampers targets Dad with a cool Brees

Pampers spends millions on marketing and promotion every year, and just about every cent of that has gone toward making ads that specifically target, Mom. But it appears the Mommy-centric world of diaper buying and subsequent advertising is finally showing signs of shifting focus. Pampers earlier this year unveiled a 'Performance' web ad campaign that for the first time aimed squarely at the 'other' player on the family team....

“The role of dads is expanding and we salute that and we want to make dads a bigger part of the brand,” said Bryan McCleary, a Pampers spokesman. “Dads are playing an increasingly large role in parenting and diapering.”

In a recent survey of parents by Pampers, 69 percent of men responded that they changed diapers as often their wives, while 11 percent said they did so even more often. Although men’s perceptions differ from women’s (only 31 percent of mothers said fathers split diaper duties equally, and just 4 percent said fathers did more), the findings are consistent with other reports about men’s growing involvement in the home.

When Pampers starts advertising during NFL games, we'll know we've truly arrived!

via Getting Dad to Do Diaper (Buying) Duty

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